Whole Beans

Bold in bean size, elegant and dessert like in the cup this is Nicaragua at its best. Fudge like caramels, roasted almond and ripe melon combine effortlessly on a long, zesty lemon finish.

Producer:  Small holder producers living around the El Volcan Mountain

Region:  Dipilto, Municipality of Nueva Segovia, Nicaragua

Farm:  Maracaturra

Cultivar:  Maracaturra

Process:  Fully Washed

Altitude:  1500 to 1700m asl

Across the world Maracaturra is not widely grown by coffee producers but in the cool, high altitude mountains of Nuevo Segovia that skirt the border with Honduras it remains a well-regarded and often planted tree. Dense, lush shade vegetation is typical in the area and this helps the distinctive large coffee fruit of Maracaturra, resulting from the Maragogipe lineage in the cultivar, ripen slower.
This is crucial for mammoth beans like these because it encourages a more solid bean, improved sweetness, and unique flavours once the beans have been roasted and brewed.

This micro-lot comes from a handful of small holders whose farms surround the mountain of El Volcan. In years gone by the small holders would sell their coffee to be part of larger bulked coffees but this coffee comes from a project helping to give these smaller farmers more visibility. Every micro-lot records the families that contribute and, in this instance, the extra care over longer fermentation in processing. This fermentation builds more complexity in flavour, elevates the coffee
to the next level and the resulting coffee represents Dipilto so well.

We've roasted the coffee lighter to focus on the classic Maracaturra cup profile of caramels, roasted nut, and ripe tropical fruits. In this case roasted almond, fudge like caramels and honeydew melon are the primary flavours, lemon citrus and papaya after flavours building as the coffee cools in the cup. A smooth, delicate mouthfeel with a nougat like texture enhances the ripe fruit notes with a touch of finesse while a candied lemon citrus acidity adds interest on the aftertaste.

With the lightness of roast this is a coffee we’d recommend for filter and immersion preparation. With these types of coffee the lemon citrus gets balanced out beautifully adding just enough to bring structure and harmony to the profile.

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