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Looking to up your espresso game? Want to learn the major aspects of espresso preparation?
Get plenty of practical knowledge, and understand the importance of roast level, extraction, water, grinders and espresso machines in crafting the perfect cup.

- Roast levels and flavour balance
- Styles of espresso, differences in taste
- Grinders how to choose the best grinder to suit your preferences
- Espresso machines and what to look for when buying
- Water, how it affects taste and extraction
- Basics of milk steaming and different styles of milky drinks
- Espresso making routine and troubleshooting

Trainer: Adam
Location: Broughton Street Cafe, Stockbridge Cafe or Leith Walk Cafe
When: Monday to Friday 5pm start, (after purchase, on the next working day you'll receive a calendar invite to pick the most suitable date for your class, if you have a specific date in mind
please email me at to confirm availability)
Duration: 2.5 hours
Max people: Up to four people