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Are you just getting into brewing coffee at home or do you want to improve your skills? Do you have a favourite brewer already or do you want to try something new? Learn different brew methods, what your taste preferences are and how to craft your perfect brew.

  You will learn:

- A history of coffee, origins and different brewing methods

- Grinders

- how to choose perfect grind settings

- how to brew aeropress, V60, french press

- how water affect the flovour of the coffee

- how to prepare filter coffee if you drink it with milk

- finding out what's your favourite origin of coffee

Trainer: Adam
Location: Broughton Street Cafe, Stockbridge Cafe or Leith Walk Cafe
When: Monday to Friday 5pm start, (after purchase, on the next working day you'll receive a calendar invite to pick the most suitable date for your class, if you have a specific date in mind please email me at to confirm availability)
Duration: 2.5 hours
Max people: Up to four people