CAFEC TH-3 Paper Filter 100 Pack




CAFEC’s TH-3 filter is a 0.28mm thick paper designed for brewing speciality coffee.  It gives a cleaner tasting specialty coffee with more distinct flavour characteristics when compared to cheaper papers.


At the heart of the paper performance is CAFEC's Abaca+ Paper, the base for their high quality pour over coffee filters.  The paper is made using CAFEC’s "Fine-Grained" method. This technology expands the paper surface area, creating a uniform water flow by narrowing crepe distances.  It is then air dried to help keep the paper structure, in comparison to cheaper filter papers that are dried by being pressed on a heated roller.

When brewing coffee the improved structure captures more coffee fines created during grinding, helping the coffee taste cleaner with more distinct flavour characteristics.

All CAFEC’s filters are made using FSC® certified paper, ensuring supporting sustainable paper manufacture.

Each pack contains 100 filter papers.