Espresso tonic - top tips and a recipe to try

With warmer weather here for a week or two it’s the perfect time to dip your toe into the world of espresso tonic.
An increasingly popular drink in our café’s through summer, it’s both refined and refreshing, combining the sparkling citrus notes of tonic water with the bold flavours of espresso. 
Here’s a starting recipe along with extra tips and Artisan Roast coffee recommendations: 
  • Artisan Roast espresso (35-40ml)
  • Tonic water (100 – 110ml)
  • 5 ice cubes
  • A citrus wedge of your choice (optional)
Step by step:
  • Fill a glass with the ice cubes, and slowly pour in your chilled tonic water
  • Prepare a shot of espresso into a separate cup with your Artisan Roast coffee of choice
  • Slowly pour the shot of espresso over the tonic water mixture, allowing it to settle on top.
  • Gently stir to create a uniform mixture.
  • For a more citrusy drink add a wedge of orange, lemon or lime at the end.
A few extra tips
  • Always start with the ice to keep the tonic frothing to a minimum
  • We love a drink that combines two to three parts tonic to espresso
  • You can use a strong cold brew concentrate instead of espresso if you’d like to have everything prepared in advance
Any Coffee Recommendations?
  • Coffee plays a big role and here are two different approaches to consider:
  • A classic recipe would use a full, rich espresso base and either Janszoon or Cobblestone will work perfectly.
  • For a lighter approach single origins with citrus and caramel notes work very well we’d recommend a washed process coffee like Villaure or El Nogal