Whole Beans

Delicate fruity notes of blueberry and raisin are complemented by a milk chocolate and  digestive ginger sweetness. Excellent black or through milk.


30%  Ethiopia Yirgcheffe natural

50% Ethiopia Yirgcheffe washed

20%  Brazil Irmas Pereira

Cultivar: Yellow Bourbon, Heirloom

Process: Natural, washed, honey

Altitude: Range of 1800 - 1950m asl


These Brazilian and two Ethiopians coffees come together beautifully in this blend to

give a robust and transparent brew that works as well for espresso as it does for a

pour over.


Brazilian Irmas Pereira is a high quality focused coffee farm lying in the heart of one of Brazil's most recognised and awarded growing areas, the Mantiqueira hills. Now in the second generation of ownership since it's planting in the 1970s the has been a beacon for quality and sustainability for many years. Before being renamed Irmãs Pereira (The Pereira Sisters) to represent the sisters' joint management, the farm won several awards in the Cup of Excellence programme under it's original name Fazenda do Serrado. The commitment to quality that led to these awards continues and the quality produced on the farm represents the very best that Brazil produces.

We've looked at a lot of Ethiopian natural coffee this year and this one really stood out as an excellent pouring. It was sourced through the large centralised EXC platform that deals with most coffee in Ethiopia, and is the first time Artisan have bought coffee from this zone, just to the south-west of Yirga Chee town. We have kept the roast light to preserve the clarity of cup and let the ripe fruit flavours roll out, particularly blueberry, raspberry and mango. Delicate floral aromas of elderflower begin to sparkle as the coffee cools and a black grape acidity balances this very sweet coffee together with a delicious, long lasting finish.


Ratio - 1:1.9

Dose - 18.5g

Yield - 35g

Contact Time - 32s

Group Head Temperature - 92°C

Pump Pressure 7.5bar



Hipparchus of Nicaea (180 – 125 BCE), also known as "the father of trigonometry." Hipparchus was the first to tabulate the corresponding values of arc and chord for a series of angles. We think he was also a barista supreme great in latter art. 

illustration by lukasz 


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