Northern Panama has gained a well-deserved reputation for producing exceptional Gesha coffee. Nestled within the fertile volcanic soils and misty cloud forests around Volcan Baru, this region has truly become the spiritual home of Gesha coffee and we're thrilled to introduce you to this limited- release rare selection of Panama's finest: Finca Hartmann.

This micro-lot, which produced the Gesha beans, is under the meticulous care of Allan, one of the Hartmann family who jointly oversee the farm. Exclusively dedicated to Gesha, these plants share their space with more traditional coffee varieties like Catuaí, Typica, and Maragogype. Grown under the shade of lush indigenous forests at an elevation of 1700 meters, these Gesha trees benefit from the cooling and moistening effects of the forest canopy. This natural shade extends the ripening phase of the coffee cherries, developing the sugars that contribute to the roasted coffee's sweetness.

This extended ripening process is vital and Allan Hartmann recognizes the importance of preserving these soluble sugars, so he meticulously oversees the cherries as they are carefully laid out on raised drying beds. It takes between two to three weeks for the moisture content to reach 14%, at which point the coffee is transferred to low-temperature mechanical dryers. This final phase represents a subtle and exceptionally rare use of drying technology, ensuring the preservation of fruit sugars, a critical but often overlooked aspect of producing outstanding naturally processed coffee.

This unwavering commitment to perfection at every stage of the coffee's journey can be seen in a sublime cup of coffee. Floral aromatics and exotic fruits form the centre of the flavour profile of this rare and special Gesha. Guava takes the spotlight as the most prominent flavour, complemented by the delightful notes of mandarin orange, raspberry, and nectarine. These exquisite flavours seamlessly meld with floral hints of rose water and vanilla. To honour the farm's philosophy, we've roasted this coffee light, with an emphasis on sweetness, striking a harmonious balance with a lively acidity. The mouthfeel offers a light to medium intensity with a delicate, tea-like quality that embodies the classic characteristics of this variety.