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Learn how to avoid bad habits and rookie mistakes during steaming and pouring the stunning latte art. We will cover from basic hears to more advance rosettas or even swans. You call it we pour it.

You will learn:

- Basics of Espresso preparation

- Milk steaming and difference between latte, cappuccino and flat white

- Pouring basic and more advanced latte art patterns (heart, tulip, Rosetta)

- Understanding the importance of properly steamed milk and troubleshooting 

- Different ways of milk preparation


trainer: Kuba 

location: Stockbridge Cafe (class starts 5 pm) or our Roastery(class starts 3 pm)

when: Monday to Friday, (after purchase, on the next working day you'll receive Eventbrite calendar to pick the most suitable date for your class, if you have a specific date in mind please email me at to confirm availability)

duration: 2.5h 

max people: Two different households, up to four people.

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