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Zesty bergamot combines with perfumed peach and jasmine florals in this sparkling and refined classic representation of washed Yirga Chefe.


Producers: 750 farmers surrounding the Banko Gotiti town and mill

Region: Gedeb Zone, Yirga Chefe, Ethiopia 

Cultivar: Local landraces including Kurume, Degu, and Wolishu plus a selection of JARC cultivars

Process: Washed

Altitude: 1950 - 2100m asl


Coffee Arabica blossomed in the highlands of Southern Ethiopia, and the country’s farmers still have a completely unique bank of cultivars and landraces available to them compared to the rest of the coffee world. These plants play an important role in the distinct and much-loved flavour profiles Ethiopian coffee has.

Yirga Chefe, one of the most revered growing regions of Ethiopia, producers often grow several local land races like Kurume and Wolisho, along with JARC selections like Fayate. Farm sizes are small at usually around two hectares so producers group their coffee together. 750 producers are signed up to deliver their harvested cherry with the Banko Gotiti wet mill in Gedeb town.

Gedeb is an incredibly high zone that sits at 2200 metres above sea level. The cooler climate of this altitude makes coffee grow slow, fixing sugar in the fruit. It also means the fermentation of washed process coffee has to be extended for flavour development and at Banko Gotiti this takes two full days before further soaking and drying. The result is a fresh, floral and effervescent coffee that represents so well the alluring quality of Yirga Chefe.

Banko Gotiti is a coffee that combines classic zesty bergamot with heady perfumed stone fruit aspects so representative of the region, making it a great place to start with this style of coffee before trying more exotic single producer coffees. Underneath these primary fruit like flavours we find delicate jasmine florals and mandarin orange characteristics. Supporting milk chocolate and caramel begin to come through more as the coffee cools adding further weight to the final favours. As with all great grade one Yirgacheffe's there is a medium to high intensity complex acidity reminiscent of black grapes. This adds structure, effervescence and persistence on the finish and balances off the sweetness in the cup. We've roasted this coffee light with filter brewing in mind and recommend enjoying this coffee without milk. The delicate florality, peach and bergamot notes are more prominent here along with excellent structure. Moving onto French Press or Aeropress milk chocolate and caramel add more
dessert like flavours supported by a delicious creaminess to the mouthfeel.


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