Guatemala / Washed


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A dessert-like sweetness weaves milk chocolate, hazelnut, and ripe forest fruit over silky smooth, moreish perfection.


Producer: Aurelio Villatoro Castillo

Region: Hoja Blanca, Cuilco, Huehuetenango

Cultivar:   Caturra

Process:   Fully Washed

Altitude: 1380m – 1750m asl


Highland Huehuetenango is a dramatic, lush landscape with mountainous valleys stretching endlessly into the horizon. Each valley possesses a distinctive micro-climate, giving rise to a remarkable array of coffee flavour profiles that embody their terroir. Finca Villaure, nestled in the North-West of Huehetenango within touching distance of the Mexican border has it’s own distinct and unique flavour profile. With cold nights and nutrient-rich soil, the farm’s location is perfect for coffee growing. Bought by Aurellio Villatoro, the farm proudly carries his initials as an acronym as has been a proven winner many in a quality competition. Embracing sustainability standards, the farm complements Aurelio's holistic approach to coffee cultivation and unwavering commitment to quality.

We’ve opted for a medium roast with this year’s Villaure. Silky smooth and irresistibly moreish, notes of milk chocolate form a rich dessert like foundation for flavours of strawberry, dark forest fruit and hazelnut to sit. The long lingering finish highlights plum, vanilla and dried fruit notes, showcasing the finesse and complexity of Villaure. This complexity is held together with a balanced, juicy, medium-intensity acidity reminiscent of ripe orange.

This balanced medium roast expression of the coffee this year makes coffee perfect for filter, aeropress or French press brewing. Aeropress and French press brings out the ripe plum and forest fruit notes. Filter brewing is a smooth and citrus fruit forward coffee where the clarity and silky mouthfeel of Villaure shines.