El Vergel

Colombia / Anaerobic Natural


Whole Beans

A vibrant and extravagant fruit bomb of an anaerobic processed coffee from a paradigm shifting
coffee farm.


Producer: Elias and Shady Bayter
Region:  Piedra Grande, Fresno Municipality, Tolima Department, Colombia
Farm: El Vergel
Cultivar: Caturra
Process: 60 Hour Anaerobic Natural
Altitude: 1400m asl



Fast becoming a shining star and beacon of innovation in Colombia, El Vergel has an enviable reputation for being a go to farm for barista competition coffees. The reason is the farm, led by brothers Elias and Shady Bayter, produces flavourful and dynamic coffees that represent the change that has happened in Colombia with the modern approach to processing and coffee quality.

A large focus of El Vergel’s focus is in pushing the boundaries of how coffee is described and sold. The farm is large for Colombia, at around 400 hectares, and split into different plots. This segmentation could be based on one of the 11 different cultivars on the farm, or on an approach to processing taken with a plot. These processes have very unique names, based on sensory profile first and foremost, with cultivar coming second.

The Caturra selection showcases this method beautifully. Grown in a plot surrounded by guava trees and aptly named Guava Banana  it bursts with tropical fruit flavours like guava, banana, and other ripe, delicious tropical fruits. Achieving this profile involves a meticulous process, starting with a half- day aerobic fermentation followed by a longer 5-day anaerobic fermentation in steel tanks. A careful month-long drying completes the process, resulting in a lively, fruit-forward coffee ideal for filter or
Aeropress brewing methods.

Beyond the primary flavours of ripe banana, guava, and cherry, intricate layers highlight Elias and Shady's craftsmanship. Bold tropical fruit notes of mango and strawberry, zesty orange citrus, cacao, and a subtle honeyed undertone create a complex flavour profile. A warming hint of nutmeg and pepper spices on the finish leads to a smooth lactic aftertaste. The full and viscous mouthfeel adds a harmonious counterpoint to the ripe fruit-forward elements.