MOKA POT Brewing guide 

-Artisan Roast coffee
-A Moka Pot Brewer
-Grinder (optional)
-A thick dry tea towel (or oven gloves)


Grind enough coffee to a fine grind, slightly coarser than espresso grind (see our coffeegrinding guide).

Bring your water to 92 - 94°C in your kettle. Pour enough water into the moka pot base so it sits just below the safety valve.  

Fill the moka pot filter basket with the freshly ground coffee and carefully level it off without compacting the coffee. 

Carefully place the filter basket into the now hot base.  

Hold the base with the tea towel and screw the moka pot top tightly onto the base.

Place the fully assembled moka pot onto the stove set to a medium-high heat.  

Once the coffee starts to foam into the top chamber turn the heat down to medium-low.  

Let it brew for around 30 seconds.  

As soon as you hear that first splutter of air at the end of the brew take the moka pot off theheat.

Pour into your mug and enjoy your delicious freshly brewed coffee!.


Cleaning the Moka Pot thoroughly after every brew is key to avoiding and bitter and rancid flavours developing in your coffee. This includes removing the seal from the upper half of the Moka Pot to clean there too.