CHEMEX Brewing guide 

-Chemex filter
-30g Coffee (your choice)
-Grinder (optional)
-Kettle with temp setting/ Kettle and thermometer
-Digital scales


Grind 30g of coffee at a medium setting (see our coffee grinding guide).

Open the filter paper and place it into the Chemex, putting the 3 layered side on the spout ofthe Chemex, this helps avoid your brew from stalling by allowing air to escape up the spout.

Rinse the filter paper with plenty of hot water, we want to wash out any papery flavours outof the filter paper. Once fully rinsed and the Chemex has warmed, discard the water. Placethe Chemex on your scales.

 Pour the 30g of ground coffee into the Chemex and tap level the coffee bed, zero yourscales. 

Start your timer and pour approximately 90g of water just of boil over the coffee bed, thegoal is to evenly wet all the ground coffee. Wait 30-45 seconds, this stage is called thebloom.

Next pour slowly in concentric circles back and forth, keeping the spout of the kettledirected towards the edge of the coffee bed. Keep pouring until we reach 500g of water, aimto reach this weight at around 2 minutes.

After approximately 4-5 minutes, all the water should have drained through the coffee andyour brew is finished. Discard the filter paper and coffee and give the Chemex a good swirl. 

Pour the coffee into your favourite cup and enjoy!


You can use a paperclip to create an even, clump free, bed of coffee in your Chemex. Uncurlthe paperclip so that it sticks out straight. Carefully, place the end of the paperclip in thecoffee bed and move across the bed to break up any clumps in your coffee. 

Again, using the paperclip, you can make a wee hole/divot in the centre of your coffee bedto channel your water flow through the ground coffee - about the same diameter as yourindex finger, or you could press the top 1-2cm of your index finger in the flat coffee bed tocreate a hole/divot but keep in mind this will compact your coffee bed. When you startpouring your bloom, aim for this divot. This makes it easier for the water to saturate all theground coffee. 

Immediately after pouring your bloom, swirl the Chemex quite aggressively once or twice inyour hand to ensure that all the coffee grounds get saturated with water. 

After your final pour, gently swirl the Chemex to level the coffee bed for an even extraction. 

 If your brew frequently stalls, you can place a long metal straw or chopstick down the spoutof the Chemex, this helps avoid a seal forming and allows air to escape.


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