Colombia: LA VIRGEN. The Huila region of Colombia is a coffee lover's paradise.

The Huila region of Colombia is a coffee lover's paradise. Lush green hills, small-scale farmers, and a commitment to sustainable production all combine to create some of the most delicious coffee in the world.

Working collectively has been one of the ways that these small producers have gained visibility and a reputation for producing delicious, consistent coffee. Grupo Asociativo Villa Esperanza is one of these co-ops. Blossoming from the original four members of 2003 to just over 100 today they sell their coffee as 'La Virgen', recognition of their hometown Gauadalupe's original 18th century name.

We've been working with La Virgen since 2016, and each micro-lot of La Virgen we roast might have a slightly different mix of the members' coffee. However, all La Virgen micro-lots share a few key characteristics. This selection, harvested at the end of March 2023 and combining the coffee of three members, is no exception. They are all sweet and citrusy, with flavours of butterscotch, stewed apple, and roasted almond. Hints of milk chocolate and cranberry come through on a long effortlessly balanced finish.

We've stretched the length of this roast to focus more on balance and caramelisation. This raises the perceived sweetness, balances the citrus and opens up lots of options for brewing at home with different machines, or for serving with milk. If you’re looking for a delicious and sustainable coffee from the Huila region then La Virgen is a great choice.