Whole Beans


Full of finesse and balance. Caramel and candied citrus flavours sit harmoniously with a flame raisin sweetness and milk chocolate finish.  



Producer: Carlos Alberto and Angela Lucía Torres

Region: La Unión Municipality, Nariño Department, Colombia

Farm: Finca Toldopamba

Cultivar: Typica

Process: Fully Washed

Altitude: 1800m – 1900m asl


Coffee farms in Colombia are usually small operations, family orientated, with generations living and working side by side. Without direct access to market in the past it meant many farmers would sell their coffee to be made into larger bulked lots. The coffees were still great and were the building blocks of Colombia's reputation for delicious, consistent coffee, yet the farmers missed out on recognition Artisan Roast are working with our export partner in Colombia to give these small
farmers more visibility and recognition for their coffee. Toldopamba is a perfect example of this. In the last decade owners Carlos and Angela have embraced the opportunities afforded by specialty coffee and have revolutionised their farm.

As well as more modern hybrids like Castillo they grow a handful of more traditional flavour focused cultivars as well, such as this selection of Typica. Typica was the most common coffee cultivar in Colombia a hundred years ago and with perfectly
presented processing after harvesting Toldopamba is a delicious representation of classic Nariño coffee.

The roast has been kept medium to light to showcase the finesse and balance of this coffee, with enough caramelisation to develop the dessert like qualities of the coffee. The classic candied lemon citrus freshness of all great Nariño coffees is balanced by a sugar cane caramel note that almost has a maple syrup like quality. A flame raisin sweetness and notes of red apple add to these main flavours and a silky milk chocolate like mouthfeel adds weight and refinement on the finish.

On filter look for the brighter more citrus like elements of the profile with additional characteristics of grape and hazelnut. With a French press or aeropress brew the milk chocolate and dessert like qualities are more noticeable with flavours of vanilla and mandarin orange coming through on the finish.


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