Stoneware Mug & Coffee Gift Pack




Our popular matt finished Artisan Roast stoneware mugs are the perfect size for a generous pour of filter coffee or a delicious homemade flat white. The stoneware helps keep the coffee warm longer and the cork base is non-slip, no scratch and naturally waterproof.

We’re pairing the mug with the delicious crowd pleasing silky-smooth all-day drinking coffee from Villaure in Guatemala.



SHIPPING DATES:  A pre-order product with free UK delivery.  All orders will be roasted and shipped seperately from any other coffee ordered on or close to 17th December to keep the coffee as fresh and delicious as possible. 



This gift includes:

1 x 385ml (13 fl oz) Artisan Roast Stoneware Mug with Natural Cork Base.  

Dimensions: Height: 12cm x Width: 9

 *Care Guidance:    Because of the cork the mugs are handwash only and not suitable for a dishwasher


1 x 250g Guatemala Villaure Washed Process Coffee Beans

Finca Villaure lies almost within touching distance of the border with Mexico in Guatemala’s mountainous Huehuetenango region.  We’ve given it a medium roast to develop effortlessly moreish flavours of blanched almond and milk chocolate.  These combine with a caramel sweetness and a long-lasting orange citrus finish.


Free UK Delivery

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