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Sumptuous flavours of red apple and roasted almond on a syrupy treacle like mouthfeel in this innovative take on classic Southern Rwandan coffee.


Producer: A micro-lot from the 1200 Huye Mountain Coffee members

Region: Huye District, Southern Province, Rwanda

Cultivar: Red Bourbon

Process: Honey

Altitude: 1770m asl


The soaring 1000 peaks of Rwanda’s highlands are home to a myriad of coffee washing stations, the centralised points for smallholders to process their coffee. The last twenty years has seen the number of washing stations rise exponentially, giving producers more localised access to process their coffee. Huye Mountain in the south of Rwanda is a company with two of these new stations, and in the last decade has become well known for a high quality and an innovative outlook.

Underlying this network of washing stations one unique aspect of the coffee farming systems in Rwanda and neighbouring Burundi is that the cultivars grown are almost all exclusively Bourbon or related cultivars like Mayaguez and Jackson. From a taste point of view this gives real insight into the role of land and climate in forming flavour, something Rwanda has invested a lot of time in.
The Southern coffees are typically characterised by flavours of black fruit, roasted almond and cacao  with after flavours of red apple. Adding an extra layer of complexity for the honey processing this Huye Mountain micro-lot brings a new take on the classic southern Rwanda flavour profile. Roasted almond and red apple remain centre points of flavour and lead onto supporting flavours of blueberry, treacle toffee and cacao nib. The processing enhances the syrupy nature of the mouthfeel and raises the sweetness to balance off the lime citrus notes.

Huye Mountain has elegance and balance making it a coffee versatile for many different ways of making coffee. French Press and Aeropress bring out more of the blueberry, red apple and cacao notes of the coffee, enhancing the syrupy like nature of the mouthfeel. Brewing as filter allows the roasted nut and lime citrus qualities to balance off the red apple fruitiness with an ever-appealing treacle like flavour rising as the coffee cools.

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