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A sumptuous chocolate base and dessert like flavours of roasted almond, and kiwi combine in this decadent Southern Mexican coffee.


Producer:  Lino & Sixto Garcia

Region:  San Juan Ozolotepec, Oaxaca, Mexico

Farm:  El Pocito

Cultivar: Typica, Pluma Hidalgo, Caturra, Marsellesa

Process:  Fully Washed 

Altitude:  1600m asl



Oaxaca (pronounced wahaca) in the South West of Mexico is home to some of the most strikingly beautiful rainforest in all of Central America, and forgotten, often under-rated coffee producers too.

In the past coffees from the area would be grouped collectively, often under the name Pluma Hidalgo - the name of a town and also a Typica arabica selection from the area – and head to coffee drinkers in North America. The farms in Oaxaca are usually small in size, with producers managing their harvesting and processing themselves. This approach of processing at home has supported quality focused
producers make the transition from bulked anonymity to selling micro-lots, adding value to their coffee, and getting visibility for their work.

El Pocito has hallmarks of the past in the cultivars making up the micro-lot: Typica, Pluma Hidalgo, and Caturra. It also looks to the future with its quality, showcasing the moreish and accessible quality Mexican coffee can be. We’ve given Lino’s coffee a fuller roast to best enhance the dark chocolate characteristics that are the hallmark of great Oaxacan coffees These rich dark chocolate flavours work harmoniously with
roasted almond, kiwi fruit and lemon citrus notes. The mouthfeel is dense, almost cocoa butter like, supporting the dark chocolate like flavours. Further notes of vanilla and molasses add to the dessert feel of El Pocito.

One tip for brewing darker roasts like El Pocito is to drop your water temperature by a few degrees. Starting around 90°C is a great starting point. Here the chocolate characteristics fill out, reducing the flavour of roast while maintaining perfect balance. The mouthfeel too becomes dense and creamy in texture.

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