Whole Beans


A succulent, juicy Kenyan coffee bold both in bean size and flavour.  This AA selection is full of blackcurrant and citrus fruit flavours on a dense molasses syrup like finish.




Producer: Approx. 650 Karinga Co-operative Members

Region:  Thika District, Kiambu County, Kenya

Cultivar: Bourbon SL28 and Bourbon SL34

Process:  Fully Washed

Altitude: 1700 – 1950m asl



Kenya AA is a grade that spans the psyche of generations of quality seeking specialty coffee drinkers the world over.  While it defines only the size of the bean as large, AA coffees do tend to fetch higher prices in auction and some tasters believe these larger beans have more of the quintessentially Kenyan characteristics: vibrant acidity, zesty citrus flavours and and a sumptous mouthfeel

This particular AA comes from Karinga factory is one of a couple of secondary processing units that form the larger, well known Gitwe FCS Society based out of Gatundu town.  Further south than the main coffee zone of Nyeri, this part of Kenya is as well known for quality tea growing too, and many farmers or their families will grow tea as an alternative crop.  As is common throughout Kenya, most producers in the co-operative own a few hundred coffee trees and they deliver ripe red cherry from these trees into a central co-operative washing station, like Kiamubui, for further processing.

Flavour wise, this Karinga oozes classic flavour characteristics of Kenyan coffee.  Complex and phosphoric like acids form a medium to high intensity structure.  This works harmoniously with the main flavours of molasses, blackcurrant and orange citrus.  These fruit-like flavours blend seamlessly with a jammy to sugar syrup like mouthfeel.  Further flavours of cola, vanilla and raspberry come through as the coffee cools, and are more noticeable brewed and drunk without milk.



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