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A lavish, fruit forward coffee from the highlands of Guji. Strawberry, amaerana cherry and dried fruit flavours combine on a delicious caramel base.



Producers: Twenty small-holders of the Gora Village
Region:  Uddo Hadamma Kebele, Odo Shakiso Woreda, Guji, Ethiopia
Cultivar: Gibirinna & Serto (74110 & 74112)
Process: Natural
Altitude: 2000m – 2100m asl

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Coffee Arabica blossomed in the highlands of Southern Ethiopia, and the country’s farmers still have a completely unique bank of cultivars and landraces available to them compared to the rest of the coffee world. These plants play an important role in the distinct and much-loved flavour profiles Ethiopian coffee has. The farming communities, diverse micro-climates, and dizzying altitudes play equally important roles in creating these unique flavours. One of the newer parts the country, Guji,
has quickly developed a reputation for growing some exceptional coffee.

With farms often a hectare or less in size, communities group their coffee together. This coffee represents twenty producers who live within the Gora village community, and deliver their crop to the local wet mill. By working with a smaller number of producers and only harvesting two of the local coffee landraces, Gibirinna and Serto, this micro-lot from Gora has a real clarity of flavour. This, combined with Ethiopia’s dizzying altitude and careful post-harvest processing leads to a delicious, fruit forward coffee.

Roasted light with filter and immersion brewing in mind, Gora has a lavish berry and citrus like profile to it. Flavours of strawberry, amerana cherry and raisin add a vibrancy to the caramel like base. The mouthfeel is juicy with a pleasing syrupy viscosity that accentuates the citrus like quality of the structure.

Filter, French Press and Aeroporess are all go to recommendations for brewing Gora. Filter will bring out more of the caramel and the citrus, while French Press brings out the best of the strawberry flavours, adding the bonus of subtle milk chocolate flavours on the finish.

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