El Sauce

Mexico / Washed


Whole Beans

A washed Typica with pose, finesse and balance. Candied citrus, dried fruit and black tea florals marry harmoniously over a nougat base and chocolate shortbread finish.

Producer: Juan Flores García
Region: San Antonio Ozolotepec, Oxaca, Mexico
Cultivar: Typica
Process: Washed
Altitude: 1545 masl



Farms in Oaxaca, Mexico tend to be small in size, allowing producers to personally oversee the harvesting and processing. This hands-on approach has empowered quality-focused producers to transition from anonymity to selling micro-lots, adding value to their coffee and gaining recognition for their efforts.

Typica was historically one of the most important Arabica varieties in Oaxaca. At it’s best Typica is one of the most refined and balanced Arabicas. It has a bright structured acidity and common flavour descriptors are candied citrus, delicate florals, bergamot, and a honeyed, nougat like sweetness.

 Despite lower productivity, Typica proves advantageous for quality-focused producers, adding value over and above poorer quality high yielding cultivars. This is very much the case of El Sauce, owned by Juan Flores. Juan grows only Typica variety on his 2-hectare farm, named after the willow shade trees on the farm that keep the coffee plants protected from the high midday sun and support local wildlife.

His commitment to Oaxaca’s coffee heritage and in this instance processing his coffee with a traditional washed process showcases the very best of Mexican Typica. A sweet, honeyed, almond nougat note runs through El Sauce, allowing more fruit and florals flavours to marry over the top. Candied citrus, dried berry fruit and hints of yellow tropical fruit combine with delicate black tea florals. On the finish there is a chocolate shortbread note that adds a richness to the nougat and balances off the high notes with finesse. The roast is light to retain these delicate attributes making it ideal for filter, aeropress or French press.