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A super sweet limited release with flavours of caramel, milk chocolate and blood orange citrus leading onto complex, effevescant acidity.

Producer:  Jaime Guevara

Region:   La Palma, Municipality of Chalatenango , Alotepec-Metapán

Farm:   Finca don Jaime

Cultivar:  Pacamara

Process:   Honey Process 

Altitude:   1650m asl


The high-altitude Chalatenango district of Alotepec-Metapán in El Salvador is known for producing some of the country's most exceptional, often award-winning coffees.  We first met Jaime Guevara half a dozen years ago because his farm, Finca Don Jaime, had won a local quality award.  Since then, Jaime’s coffee has been consistently delicious and approachable, representing a classic view of El Salvadorean coffee so well.

The farm is focused very much on quality and Jamie has installed raised drying beds, more typical of those found in East Africa to better control the drying phase after fermentation of his coffee.  These beds improve control over traditional concrete patio method and to help move Jaime’s coffee quality further Artisan Roast have funded the building of a shading system for these beds.  This helps the coffee to be cured at lower temperatures, retaining sweetness and improving quality.  

Of the farms four cultivars, this selection is a Pacamara honey processed micro-lot.  Jaime’s Pacamara selections lean more to flavours of light molasses and lime citrus where the brightness of the Pacamara accentuates the zestiness more than the Pacas.  Honey and dried fruit flavours balance out the brightness and the nuttiness of Pacas is replaced by subtle tropical fruit notes reminiscent of Papaya and melon.  

Balanced, accessible coffees like Don Jaime are ideal for experimenting with different coffee makers, each of which highlights different flavours.  If you are brewing Don Jaime as an espresso here’s a starting recipe we enjoyed in the lab on a La Marzocco GS3/VST20g basket/k30 grinder:

Ratio: 1 : 2.12 ratio / 19g : 40.1g

Brew time: 27 - 29 seconds

Brew Temperature: 94.2°C

TDS: 9.67%

Extraction: 21.00%

If you’re not sure about ratios this means ‘dry coffee weight: brewed coffee weight’. Weight is a more consistent way of measuring than volume and we always recommend using an inexpensive set of digital scales that have 0.1g resolution when brewing at home.

If you can change the temperature of your espresso machine, we’ve added notes on suggested temperature.  Changing temperature can impact on the types of flavours most present as well as the intensity of the acidity in an espresso.

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