Whole Beans


Expressive, elegant, and a coffee to linger over. Flavours of succulent white peach, fresh lime zest and jasmine florals lead onto a silky-smooth tea like finish.


Producer: Juan Vergara Almeida

Region: Quito Canton, Pichincha Province, Ecuador

Farm: Finca Campo Alegre

Cultivar: Typica Mejorado

Process: Washed

Altitude: 2020m asl


The city of Quito in Ecuador sits at the dizzying height of 2850m above sea level, surrounded by snow peaked mountains, and high above the possible altitude for growing arabica coffee. This means that while coffee grows on the outskirts of the city, travelling to the coffee fields unusually for much of Latin America means travelling downwards.

Forests and farms surround the city and to the north altitude drops quickly in Quito, making it possible to own some coffee fields whilst also working in Quito through the week. This is Juan Vergara Almeida’s enviable life, following a passion learned from his father in the south of the country. Under the shade of native carob trees he grows three cultivars, one of which is Pacamara, on his Quito farm.

Typica Mejorado is a cultivar that stands out in coffee tastings. It has a complex and vibrant structure with unique flavour attributes. In the past farmers has classified as its name suggests, an 'Improved Typica'. After all, it was tall like Typica and had a different leaf shape to Bourbons. However, recent genetic testing suggests its more likely a cross between Gesha and Bourbon - whether this cross was spontaneous or planned we don't know, but we do know it tastes delicious.

With the roast light the plush white peach flavour and crisp, zesty lime citrus and clarity of cup is brought to the fore. Secondary flavours of hazelnut, chocolate and jasmine florals lead onto a delicate black tea finish. The lime acidity has hints of bergamot that adds to the expressiveness and persistence on the finish.

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