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A Juicy combination of apricot, melon and citrus fruit notes combine over sweet caramels and a velvety texture in this high quality expression of Ecuadorean coffee.


Producer: Roberto Jose Vasconez Merino
Region: Pallatanga valley, Chimborazo Province, Ecuador
Farm: Lugmapata
Cultivar: Sidra, Typica, Pache
Process: Washed
Altitude: 1600m – 1900m asl


Ecuador is almost certainly one of the coffee growing countries to have most radically changed buyer pre-conceptions over the last decade. In the past, the large volume of low altitude commercial coffees grown for the country’s soluble coffee factories masked the view towards the quality quietly growing high in the lush, green mountains.

With quality competitions like Cup of Excellence now starting up, the path to Ecuador’s producers, it’s unique cultivars, and the near perfect altitude and climate is so much clearer. The Merino family have carved out an early reputation for fantastic quality, placing in the first Cup of Excellence in 2021. The local Sidra cultivar, developed in the north of the country, forms the majority of their production along with a handful more including Typica and Pache. These are the three that make up this high-quality washed process micro-lot bursting with everything that is delicious about Ecuadorian coffee.

Sidra selections often have come notes of juicy tropical fruit with subtle florality, and this represents the flavour profile of Lugmapata so well. Melon, and apricot flavours sit with further notes of lemon citrus and after flavours of strawberry. These blend with ease into underlying caramels with hints of cacao. The mouthfeel is velvety, smooth and refined, leading onto a sweet, structured finish. Our roast is on the lighter, faster side of our style to bring out the most of Lugmapata.

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