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A premium blend inspired by the cobbled streets of rural Latin America. Laden with caramel sweetness, berry fruit flavours and a roasted almond finish this seasonal blend changes through the year and the coffees are always fresh, delicious and Latino.

Blend: 70% La Virgen, Grupo Asociativo Villa Esperanza (Colombia); 30% Potosi (Colombia)

Cultivar: Caturra, Colombia, and Castillo; Colombia

Process: Washed and Natural Processes

Altitude: Range of 1400m to 2000m asl

Cobblestone is a fresh, juicy espresso blend with a medium body and harmonious balance of caramel sweetness, underlying berry notes and a bright citrus acidity. It's inspired by the beauty and diversity of Latin America, the ever-changing landscapes, cultures and people, the seemingly endless range of coffee flavours to be found throughout the region, and of course Latin vibrance. Throughout this diversity, a constant that harmonises the coffee lands bringing a sense of cohesiveness to the region are idyllic rural towns, draped in history with brightly painted houses that line ever present cobbled streets.


Version two of 2021 revisits one the blends most loved versions of 2020 - a luscious tropical fruit forward and caramel approach to the blend and sourced completely from Colombia. Bringing a vibrant tropical fruit base to the blend the Potosi farm in Colombia’s southern Cauca region. Potosi is one of a group of small farms owned by Rigoberto and Luis Herrera in the Valle de Cauca, and this natural processed Colombia cultivar showcases their complete approach to quality.

Fruit forward and bursting with notes of ripe pineapple, mango and banana, Potosi also brings strawberry and a positive booziness along with a dense creamy finish to Cobblestone.


Second is our ever popular ‘La Virgen’ from the Grupo Asociativo Villa Esperanza group of producers in Colombia's Huila region. It’s a coffee full of brown sugar, orange citrus and milk chocolate like flavours. Subtle undertones of stewed apple and cranberry add further complexity. This coffee is a high grown gem and adds structure, flavour and complexity to the blend.

This caramel like quality forms the centre point of the blend so we roast both coffees separately on a medium to light roast profile before blending after roasting. This allows the rich dense sugar browning and fruit like flavours of both the La Virgen and Potosi to come through without any roast flavours. When brewed look for a pronounced sweetness and flavours of caramel, tropical fruit, strawberry and orange citrus. Cobblestone takes milk very well and delivers a lighter style of cappuccino or latte where toffee, milk chocolate and a red berry notes come through with supreme

The blend is primarily designed for espresso but will work in other brew methods. We've put together some brew recipes with supporting tasting notes for different types of coffee maker to start you off. Please use these as a guide only:

This espresso recipe for Cobblestone was put together in our quality lab. How much you put into the portafilter will depend on your machine and this particular recipe was developed on a La Marzocco GS3/VST20g basket/EK43 grinder. It brews a caramel and tropical fruit like espresso with orange citrus on the finish and a dense creamy mouthfeel.

Ratio: 1 : 22 ratio / 19g : 40.9g @ 93.6°C
Brew time: 30 seconds
TDS: 9.80%
Extraction: 22.35%

If you’re not sure about ratios this means ‘dry coffee weight: brewed coffee weight’. Weight is a more consistent way of measuring than volume and we always recommend using an inexpensive set of digital scales that have 0.1g resolution when brewing at home.

Espro Press (or French Press)
Brew Guide: Dose - 20g/Water - 280ml @ 94°C
Grind - coarse
Brew time - 4:00
Tasting Notes: Flavours of caramel, tropical fruit and milk chocolate, with a brown sugar sweetness

Brew Guide: Dose - 20g/Water 250ml @ 94.5°C
Grind - Slightly coarser than filter
Brew time - 3:00
Tasting Notes: Notes of Milk chocolate, ripe pineapple and lush red berry fruit with a lemon citrus acidity and dense creamy mouthfeel.













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