Buena Vista Gesha

Colombia / Washed


Whole Beans

Classic Colombian Huila combines with the finesse of Gesha. Butterscotch, stewed apple, and ripe red grapefruit with a fresh green florality.

Producer: Anderson Chito Imbachi

Region: San Agustin, Huila Department, Colombia

Arabica Cultivar: Gesha

Process: Washed

Altitude: 1790 masl



The dramatic, lush, and beautiful forested valleys of the Huila region in the south west of Colombia are home to some distinctive and amazing specialty coffees. The district of San Agustin sits in the heart of this unique landscape and is seen as one of the best areas for high quality coffee in all of Colombia.

Just outside the town of San Agustin, the Imbachi family are well known as some of the areas best coffee producers. Anderson is one of the new, younger generation farmers in the family and this coffee comes from his farm Buena Vista. With support from his grandfather Carlos and wider family members in harvesting and processing, Anderson’s coffee is already tasting exceptional.

As well as classic cultivars like Caturra, Anderson has planted some Gesha on the farm and this micro-lot comes from the first harvest of this Gesha. In terms of processing he’s opted for a dry fermentation washed process. Producers in Colombia typically use a dry open fermentation rather than a wet submerged one. This breaks the sticky coffee fruit mucilage down faster than wet fermentation. In the past the goal of fermentation was merely to break down fruit mucilage so was stopped after twelve to fourteen hours, often producing citrussy and simple coffees. This Gesha has
been given a 36-hour fermentation to build layers of complex flavours and the result in the brewed coffee is absolutely brilliant.

The roast has been kept light to showcase the finesse of this young Gesha. The classic Huila combination of butterscotch, stewed apple and ripe red grapefruit citrus combine with a fresh green florality, true to the Gesha cultivar. The bright acidity is complex and juicy, enhancing the citrus and floral like qualities of the coffee - never too intense, instead bringing balance and length to the finish.