All of our trainers have extensive experience serving coffee in busy environments. We make sure that our training is very pragmatic, and will help your baristas learn how to deal with real situations. We also understand that training can't be just a one-off event when you start using our coffee. Our trainers are available whenever you need them.

Real passion for coffee won't grow from mere expertise in operating an espresso machine. It requires an understanding of the coffee world, its history and the people behind it. Our training sessions always include this human dimension.




Our beginners course will mainly focus on the construction and formation of espresso. We will go through things like: extraction, the flavours of espresso, basic theory and texturing milk.



In our intermediate course we will move along and look at how to take control of your grinder, venture into more of the variables that can affect espresso and coffee tasting.



Our advance course is the most comprehensive. It is intended for those cafes that want to have a trainer in-house who can train new staff and ensure the quality is always superb. It includes techniques on how to train other people as well as more in-depth knowledge about things such as the science of roasting, coffee sourcing, brewing methods and coffee tasting.

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