Master Class

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Espresso Master Class

Learn from one of the best baristas in Scotland. Hosted by Adrian Mancuso, our espresso essentials is a 2 ½ hour course designed to teach you how to make the perfect shot of espresso – either at home or in a work environment.

A balanced approach between theory and practice within a small group of not more than 2 people per session to ensure maximum practical time for you.


  • How to set up the espresso machine and grinder for best results
  • The art of tamping evenly
  • Extraction techniques and impact on flavour
  • Choosing the right roasted beans for your taste
  • How to steam milk and be able to combine it with espresso.
  • How to maintain machines adequately through cleaning procedures. 
  • A basic introduction to Latte Art.

What you take home:

  • Our Artisan Roast booklet with a summary of the key points learned during the session.
  • 250 grams bag of our Cobblestone blend  for you to practice home.

Cost:  £85 per person.

Location: Artisan Roast Stockbridge (
100A Raeburn Place)

How to book: directly at one of our shops or through our web site HERE

Any further questions or requests feel free to shoot them to




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