The way we source coffee is always driven by
selecting quality and working sustainably.
Achieving this involves:


Cupping Coffee

The Artisan Roast team spends a lot of time cupping coffee, assessing taste and flavour, and selecting micro-lots that meet our high quality standards.  We are regularly bringing in samples of fresh, new, in season coffee beans from our current suppliers to cup. The Artisan Roast approach is to retain an open mind every time we’re assessing coffee samples, so we can be ready to appreciate new flavour profiles and as yet undiscovered unique characteristics and enables us to look for something new and special to bring you.  We also take part in international juries.  These competitions take place in coffee growing countries, bringing together quality focused buyers from around the world to reward exemplary coffee growing and processing.  The coffees that do well in these juries are exceptional and we’ll bring coffees from these competitions over to Scotland for you to enjoy.  

Travelling and Building Relationships

We aim to build long term relationships with our coffee growers, and work with producers who, like us, are committed to quality coffee. We visit our growers in order to cultivate and maintain such relationships, and to understand what makes their coffee unique and how their cultivars thrive. We work together to create micro-lots for the Artisan Roast portfolio – something special that represents both our growers and us.

When we visit growers we want to talk about the welfare, social and environmental conditions in place. We assess these keystones of sustainability and encourage best practice, rewarding exceptional quality with prices well above Fairtrade minimum pricing and the NY ‘C’ market.  Third party accreditation is an important part of the coffee world and involves certification scheme such as organic, Fairtrade, or Rainforest Alliance.  We work with both certified coffee growers and additional coffee farmers who also achieve our own high levels of ethical standards.

We Keep it Fresh

Seasonality is an important factor in coffee quality and our approach to buying.  Green, unroasted coffee changes all the time, affected from the point of harvest by the method of processing the bean, its journey across the seas and time spent in the warehouse.  Different producing countries pick and process coffee at different times throughout the year. This means that there are times when green coffee is in season, tasting great on its own - raw, naked, beautiful in its simplicity, complex in its character. These are the coffees that you’ll find at Artisan Roast and we hope you enjoy them. 


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