Brewing guide 

Artisan Roast coffee
AeroPress and filter paper
Coffee Grinder (optional)
Digital scales
A large mug or vessel


Set your coffee to boil and Grind 16g of your chosen coffee to a medium fine setting, slightlycoarser than espresso/mocha (See our coffee grinding guide). 

Place a filter paper into the filter cap, attach to the AeroPress, place AeroPress onto yourmug. 

Place your AeroPress and mug onto your digital scales, pour your coffee in and zero yourscales. 

Start your timer and pour 250g of water just off the boil into the AeroPress (250g of watershould fit, if your coffee is very fresh, the foam from CO2 build up might come right to thetop). 

Gently, and carefully, attach the plunger to the AeroPress. With one hand holding both partsof the AeroPress and the other holding the mug gently swirl 2 times (this helps the watersaturate all the coffee grounds for a more even extraction). 

Remove the AeroPress and mug from the scales and wait. 

At 1 minute and 30 seconds gently give the AeroPress and mug another swirl and wait. 

At 2 minutes very gently press down on the plunger aiming to hear the “hiss” at 2 minutes30 seconds. 

 Remove the AeroPress from your mug, give the coffee a stir and enjoy!


At the end of your press pull the AeroPress backwards after plunging, this draws any left-over coffeeback into the brewer and stops drips going all over your kitchen surface.


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