San Pablo - Bolivia




Caranavi is the centre of Bolivia's speciality coffee production and many of the coffees making their way to Europe do so from the Buena Vista mill just outside the city.   The mill looks after coffee from it's own farms and also manages traceabile coffees from the small towns (or colonies) in the surrounding hills.  San Pablo is a small colony to the north east of Caranavi itself , founded by settlers from the higher Altiplano of Bolivia, and the coffee producers in the town deliver their coffee to the mill throughout the coffee season.



Part of the mill's strategy is to diversify production into different post harvest methods.  With San Pablo they have been developing honey processed coffees to improve cup quality and to offer more unique characteristics.



This micro-lot shows the plan is working and San Pablo is a luscious fruit forward sweet and slightly boozy example of honey processing.  Red berry like flavours and dried sultanas sit harmoniously with brown sugar and cocoa.  These flavours lead onto a boozy like rum flavour which never over powers, instead adding interest on the finish.  We have kept the roast on the lighter side to preserve these characteristics and this allows a medium to low intensity complex acidity to add structure and support the finish. 





Producer:  Around 80 producers of the San Pablo Colony

Region:  San Pablo, Caranavi, Bolivia

Cultivar:   Caturra, Catuai

Process:   Honey

Altitude:   1550m - 1800m asl