Jittery Goat Cold Brew



Ethiopian goats (allegedly) discovered coffee. Legend has it that a goatherd there noticed his animals frisking about in a more vigorous manner than usual and realised that they had eaten the fruit from a coffee bush. Here the story gets a little murkier: monks may or may not have been involved, either denouncing the beans as the devil's plant and/or embracing them as late-night prayer fuel... whatever, it's the goats who are the real heroes of the story, and it's the goats we choose to honour with our new cold brew.


We spent a while tweaking the Jittery Goat brew. We're using two beans (one washed and one natural) from Ethiopia, homeland of the titular goats, and one (double pass) from Brazil to create a nuanced fruit and nut balance, underscored with a subtle hint of jasmine. A long, slow steep in cold water extracts maximum sweetness and minimum bitterness. The resulting brew is dangerously delicious: easy drinking, but packing a caffeinated punch.


As well as straight-up cold brew, in our cafes you can also enjoy nitro cold brew: Jittery Goat infused with nitrogen, served from a beer tap. This gives it a rich, velvet-y mouthfeel, a subtle effervescence, and a stout-like head.

Jittery Goat will soon also be available in wicked little whisky bottles, perfect for tucking into your breast pocket, or maybe secreting in your stockings like Sugar Kane in Some Like It Hot. However you choose to use it, this cold brew is guaranteed to keep all you goats afloat.


Giulia Galastro