The city of Antigua in Guatemala is one of the most stunning coffee growing regions in world to visit, and the coffee has built an enviable reputation for excellent quality over many, many years. The city itself is steeped in the history of the old Central American colonial capital and still retains a unique mix of Spanish and Mayan culture. If you look up from the criss-cross of cobbled streets Antigua’s unique geography that defines the coffee from the micro-region is inescapable. Three vast volcanoes, Fuego, Agua, and Acetenango form a ring around the region and their shelter provides a cool and dry micro-climate perfect for coffee growing. The edge of the city merges seamlessly with the surrounding coffee farms which rise up onto the lower slopes of the volcanoes to heights of around 1900m above sea level. 


Beyond the confines of the city itself the region of Antigua stretches throughout the wider Sacatepéquez region, and many of the producers heading north of the city are responsible for the consistent quality of Antigua.  The multi award winning Concepción Pixcayá is one of these farms and we are delighted to bring you their 2017 Cup of Excellence winning coffee to Scotland.  


Owner Manuel Zaghi Mirón focuses on growing the traditional bourbon variety that made Antigua coffees so well known.  These plants need more work to produce quality and central to the farms philiosophy is a focus on environmental sustainability and projects to promote bio-diversity.  The extra effort regularly pays off and this is the fourth time the farm has placed in Cup of Excellence.


We've kept this coffee on the lighter roasting side to showcase some of the delicate and subtle characteristics of the bourbon variety.  The complimentary flavours of milk chocolate, malt and raspberry are the main characteristics, while further flavours of forest fruits, dates and nutmeg can be picked up across different brew methods.  In addition to these flavours a dense, silky smooth mouthfeel showcases the quality of the coffee and a high level of sweetness provides harmony and balance.


The refinement and structure of the coffee are most present as a filter where flavours malt and raspberry work harmoniously together with an underlying creamy sweetness.  As an aeropress and french press the fruit-forward aspects of the coffee become more present with blackberry, nutmeg and date-like flavours becoming more noticeable.   Throughout all brew methods the acidity remains medium in intensity at most, yet very high quality and persistent.



Producer:  Manuel Zaghi Mirón

Region:   San Juan, Sacatepéquez, Guatemala

Farm:   Concepción Pixcayá

Cultivar:   Bourbon

Process:   Fully Washed

Altitude:   1825 - 1900m asl