CETEC natural Brazil
CETEC is a quirkily-named and high-quality-focused coffee farm in the heart of Brazil's main coffee production state, Minas Gerias. CETEC stands for 'Center of Technology of the City of Lavras' which sheds light both on the unusual story behind the farm and the goals of its owner and his late brother. 
Márcio Custódio set up a school called CETEC with his brother Izonel Junior a decade ago; since then, it has trained over 5000 students in work-related technical skills. The brothers then turned to coffee farming (an ever-present career in Minas Gerias) and bought a medium sized farm.  After Izonel died suddenly his brother named the farm in honour of the school they had started together.  CETEC is now beginning to get recognition for accessible, full-flavoured, high-quality coffee, and its success serves as a tribute to the memory of Izonel.
This particular micro-lot is exclusive to Artisan Roast and part of a direct relationship model with the co-operative Márcio is a member of, that aims to give small producers visibility for their coffee.  It is
a natural-processed Yellow Catuaí, a cultivar developed in the Minas Gerais' neighbouring Sao Paulo State. Yellow fruiting coffee varieties such as this can be difficult to know when to pick, as the fruit looks ripe long before it is.  When picked ripe they can have a pronounced sweetness compared to other coloured varieties and this is very true of this micro-lot.
The coffee has all the characteristics of a great natural processed Brazil. Front-loaded fruit flavours (produced from carefully controlling the cherry fermentation phase) melt into caramel, yellow fruit and milk chocolate, accompanied 
by harmonious vanilla and orange citrus.  Sweetness dominates the taste balance and a low intensity but high quality complex acidity provides structure through to the finish.  This type of flavour profile makes CETEC an accessible and versatile coffee for home coffee brewing.  We've roasted it with Aeropress and single origin espresso in mind - both these brew methods will bring out the caramel and yellow fruit aspects of the coffee.  Enjoy!