Graham's milk






Pay attention.

Milk is not just an afterthought in your coffee. It can make your coffee sing or put a spoiler on your saucer. Optimum milk matching is the key to perfect coffee.

Coffee connoisseurs may know their aromas from their arabicas and even be able to explain the optimum water to grounds ratio for the perfect piccolo, but are they overlooking one of the most important factors in a cup of coffee: the type of milk used?

We at Artisan Roast take our milk as seriously as our coffee. Our friends at independent Graham's Family Dairy have been producing an award-winning range of milk, butter, cream, ice cream and cheese for over 70 years and have established themselves as a top 10 Scottish brand. Milk is in their blood as much as coffee is in ours.

We are here to announce that Artisan's very own Darryl Docherty - former chef, current barista extraordinaire and manager of our Bruntsfield cafe, is quite possibly starting a milk revolution. After much experimentation with Graham’s range of milks in different styles of coffee, Darryl and the team found the results clearly showed that different varieties of milk had a pronounced effect on the flavour of the final serve. 

Now you can take a wander through Darryl's milky mayhem with his hefty contribution to 'The Great Graham’s Coffee Guide' - the definitive online guide to great tasting coffee. Inside you will be rewarded with Darryl's barista tips, special recipes and other gems for making superb coffee. Why is it unique? For a start, 'The Great Graham’s Coffee Guide' matches its range of milks to the most popular coffee drinks. From masterful mochas to fabulous flat whites, the guide sets out the ground rules for making the best artisan coffee.

Quick example: Darryl found that when making flat whites, the reduced fat content of Graham’s semi-skimmed milk allowed our espresso to really sparkle through the milk. In the cup we taste syrupy chocolate and amaretto, finished with a beautiful butterscotch that lingers long after the last sip.

Who knew milk could be so important? 

For a friendly chat and an in-person demonstration, don't just walk - run - to Artisan Roast on 138 Brunstfield Place, where our man Darryl will be doing what he does best, talking coffee and hosting a tasting evening on Wednesday 5th March at 5pm.

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